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Increased population

Decreased resources

Meet the future of farming...

Meet the future of farming...

Traced, tracked and backed by 25 years of research with efficiencies for a modern planet.

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Solutions for a planet scarce in resources through an industry as old as time.

99% less water used
99% less land

Traditional Farm

Traditional farming water usage

Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms water usage

It takes a traditional farm an average of 10 gallons to grow a head of romain letuce. Elevate is able to do it with just one. Algorithms and data driven lighting systems with specific plat protocols allow higher product yields with less energy.

** when compared to traditional agriculture methods and practices

Production In Pounds Per Square Foot

Elevate Farms competitor graph
Elevate Farms land usage graphic

Our 5000 sq.ft. facility will produce 1 million pounds of romaine plants on a fraction of the land when compared to traditional farming.

** when compared to traditional agriculture methods and practices

Typical Indoor Farm

Typical vertical farm labour usage

Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms labour usage

Elevate's automated systems result in 80% less labour required than a typical indoor farm.

** when compared to traditional agriculture methods and practices

80% less labour required
125 lbs/sq ft of production

What We Do

The way of farming as we know it is changing.

We grow locally, sustainable, zero pesticides greens that are blockchain tracked from seed to sale in proprietary, closed-loop, state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities. Our facilities enable us to create ideal growing conditions for our plants, providing them with precisely what they need at the right time with zero contamination. The result is a predictable, quality product that consistently looks and tastes fantastic, 365 days a year, no matter the geographic location nor outside environmental conditions.

How We
Do It

The Magic

Our state-of-the-art facilities combine proprietary LED light technology, photobiology, and robotic automation to create a farming system that redefines traditional approaches. The technology behind our facilities is based on 26 years of academic research and a combination of scientific disciplines working at the forefront of their respective fields. This research has not only lead to efficient automation but has also allowed us to optimize production of any plant by manipulating various environments to direct the plants morphological growth towards maximizing yield.

Scaled Efficiency

Our technology enables us to achieve staggering numbers in efficiency with regards to land and water conservation, labour savings and crop yields. Blockchain allows us traceability on each and every product from seed to sale. Through our advanced tech, we’re also able to set up and quickly scale operations to grow commercial quantities of greens in locations where traditional agriculture isn’t feasible.

26 years of research
73% higher capacity than our competitors
80% less labour than a traditional farm
100% traceability via blockchain technology

** when compared to traditional agriculture methods and practices

Learn how we are changing the agriculture industry.

Amin Jadavji

Chief Executive Officer

“The world’s resources are decreasing and our population is increasing and we feel technology and research need to keep up. Elevate has the highest plant density we know of in the vertical farming space and we believe with our tech, IP and 25 years of research we will push forward to everyday consumers at wholesale market prices, something no one is talking about…getting food to actual consumers across the globe."

Travis Kanellos

Chief Strategy Officer

“Our proprietary system allows us to produce commercial volumes of the highest quality greens with extreme efficiency resulting in a high-profit margin at wholesale commodity pricing. Our ability to trace and track produce provides a traceability solution to an increasingly volatile slue of outbreaks in traditional agriculture. As we stand today, traditional farming needs a baseline shift continue to service our planet and its people."

Amin Jadavji

President & Chief Executive Officer, Director

  • 15+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Transformed Metro paper Industries into one of Canada’s largest and most technologically advanced tissue paper manufactures
  • Responsible for sourcing and installing automation equipment and developing software to monitor the entire production facility. Successful sale to #1 competitor by market share.

Travis Kanellos

Chief Strategy Officer

  • Seasoned entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in management roles for several private and public companies
  • Founder and successful exits of several companies in the Health & Wellness sector
  • Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Newstrike Brands Ltd.
  • Successful indoor agriculture / pharmaceutical experience exit over $350 million

Kevin Epp

Chief Operating Officer

  • An accomplished senior executive with experience in operations, strategy, capital budgeting, restructuring, M&A and divestitures
  • Former management consultant with McKinsey & Co with experience in food manufacturing, renewable energy and Agriculture CPG
  • Aptitude for learning new processes, understanding business operations with strong technical expertise and innovative problem solving

Global Technical Team

Per Aage Lysaa
  • A foremost expert in developing LED technology since 2009 who has worked with NASA, CESRF and global space programs
Matthew Mickens
  • Director of Scientific Research and formerly oversaw the growth of leafy greens on the space station for NASA
Mike Gray
  • Director of Tech and Data with extensive experience in building data platforms globally

The Team

Elevate Farms Executes Agreement to Bring Food Security to the Yukon and other Isolated Northern Territories of Canada

Elevate Farms Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement for an initial build-out commitment of US$10,000,000 with North Star Agriculture Corp. to bring Elevate’s proprietary vertical farming, and cost-effective production of leafy green vegetables, to the Yukon and other isolated northern territories of Canada.

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Elevate Farms Completes Capital Funding to Scale Operations and Secure IP

A tech-based vertical farming company focused on cost-effectively growing leafy green vegetables at mass scale, Elevate Farms Inc. (“Elevate Farms”) is pleased to announce the closing of a $1.8M funding led by Brightspark Ventures.

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