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95% less water
Minimal waste, minimal land use

Traditional Farm

Conventional farming water usage

Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms water usage

A 12 minute shower. That's how much water it takes a conventional farm to grow a single head of lettuce. Elevate can do it with 95% less. We recycle all the water our plants don't consume, and our produce doesn’t need to be washed after harvest: it’s just always been clean.

Elevate Farms land usage graphic

By producing more volume on just a fraction of the land and growing right next to our customers, we give arable soils a chance to regenerate and cut out all the waste that usually happens during transportation, processing and on the field.

Typical Indoor Farm

Typical vertical farm labour usage

Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms labour usage

Modern farm labour is far from idyllic. Finding workers is hard, working conditions are tough, pay is low, and food safety concerns mean produce has to be heavily washed, often with chemicals. Elevate's automated system means no hands touch our produce from seed to harvest: it makes life simpler, reduces costs, and increases food safety.

Production In Pounds Per Square Foot

Elevate Farms competitor graph

Our growth system combines decades of photobiology and plant space research, with world leading automation and lean manufacturing. Oh, and good common sense. The result is industry leading productivity at outstanding quality and costs.

80% less labour, higher food safety
Exceptional yields and efficiency

Why Elevate Exists

Farming as we know it is changing.

The global food system has developed into an incredible machine, capable of feeding billions of people with an enormous variety of food, at the lowest prices and highest levels of safety in human history. But that same system also leaves 800 million people heavily malnourished, and a further 1.6 billion either undernourished or suffering from obesity. We waste a full third of our food, we destroy our soils through intensive farming, and we use up water faster than it can be replenished. Meanwhile, extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and geopolitical conflicts - both hot and cold - are putting supply chains under extreme stress. 

Elevate Farms’ purpose – the reason we exist – is to contribute to a much needed transformation of our food system. Our mission is to design, build and operate vertical farms that grow incredibly flavourful, highly nutritious foods, and to do so at scale and in a way that contributes positively to people and planet. Understanding that we are just one part of a bigger systems shift, we believe in collaboration with other food systems solutions and regenerative practices wherever possible.

How We
Do It

Magic sauce

Our state-of-the-art facilities combine proprietary LED light technology, photobiology, and robotic automation to create a farming system that truly elevates conventional agriculture. The technology behind our facilities is based on 26 years of academic research and a combination of scientific disciplines working at the forefront of their respective fields - including our co-founder, Per Aage Lyssa. The insights from his research not only lead to our highly efficient automation system, they also allow us to optimise plant growth by controlling light, water, airflow and climate in our farms so that the plants morphological growth generates the perfect balance between yield, nutrients and flavour.

Scaling Efficiency

The scale and speed required for real change can be daunting - but it's also a huge opportunity. That's why we designed our modular farms for easy deployment anywhere in the world, and it's why we  have carefully curated an ecosystem of suppliers, project managers and engineers to quickly scale to new locations. We want to operate at scale, and we are prepared for all the adaptation and evolution necessary to reach that scale. We are ambitious and bold, because the task is immense. And we are humble – because the task is immense.

26 years of research
73% higher productivity than our competitors
80% less labour than a conventional farm
3 facilities up and running in 3 countries

Take a look inside - this is how we elevate agriculture

Amin Jadavji

Chief Executive Officer

“The world’s resources are decreasing, our population is increasing, and we feel agricultural technology and research need to keep up. According to a 3rd party audit Elevate has the highest productivity and lowest OPEX in the vertical farming space, and we believe with our tech, IP and 25 years of research we are perfectly placed for real scale and real impact."

Kevin Epp

Chief Operating Officer

“Our proprietary system allows us to produce commercial volumes of the highest quality greens with extreme efficiency and consistent quality - no matter the weather. For our food service and retail customers, this means that in times of food supply turbulence, Elevate offers resilience, consistency and food waste savings. For Elevate, our efficiency means we can generate healthy margins even at wholesale commodity pricing. As we stand today, traditional farming needs a baseline shift continue to service our planet and its people." .

Amin Jadavji

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Amin has over 20 years manufacturing experience in commodity sectors. Prior to founding Elevate Farms he transformed Metro Paper Industries into one of Canada’s largest and most technologically advanced tissue paper manufactures, sourcing and installing automation equipment and developing software to monitor the entire production facility, before successfully selling the company to the #1 competitor by market share.

Kevin Epp

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is a senior executive with expertise in operations, strategy, capital budgeting, restructuring, M&A, and divestitures. As former management consultant with McKinsey & Co., Kevin led projects in food manufacturing, renewable energy, and agriculture CPG. His  experiences have fostered his aptitude for learning and adopting new processes, understanding business operations, and innovative problem-solving with strong technical expertise.

Graham Keltie

Chief Financial Officer

Graham has over 25 years of experience in public and private markets, holding previous CFO roles and gaining extensive experience in finance, administration, operational leadership, strategic growth, and M&A transactions. He has a track record of maximizing shareholder value in various high-growth industries and has worked extensively with operational teams to develop strategic growth planning and liquidity events.

Daniel Bayley

Director of Cultivation

Daniel has extensive experience in optimizing production capabilities of CEA systems for leafy greens, which he gained during his academic work at the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility of the University of Guelph while completing his Master of Science degree in Environmental Science. He is also a first-round winner in the Deep Space Food Challenge (DSFC) hosted by NASA.

Per Aage Lysaa

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Per is a Norwegian entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in photobiology research and development. He developed Elevate’s automated controlled environment system on the basis of his research with the CESR Facility at the University of Guelph, NASA, and the ESA on controlled environment plant growth system research. Per continues to develop CEA growth protocols and technology for a variety of vertically farmed produce beyond leafy greens.

Nikolas Oetker

Chief Marketing Officer

Nikolas is a seasoned executive specializing in the food industry for the past 15 years. His expertise spans marketing, sales, operations, and general management across Europe, Asia, and the US. Prior to joining Elevate, Nikolas was the executive Head of Marketing at Dr. Oetker in Spain and Portugal. With Nikolas, we add the capacity for Elevate to pursue our global expansion plans, building profitable relationships with customers along the way.

Aly Karim

Chief Strategy Officer

Aly brings over 10 years of experience in enhancing global market presence and scaling SMEs to achieve high-margin EBITDAs. He is experienced in international expansion, boosting profitability, and improving operational efficiencies, primarily in the tech space. Leveraging his extensive background in AI and financial innovation, he is set to propel Elevate through its next phase of growth, focusing on scalable solutions.

Isabella Moritz

EU Business Development

Isabella has more than 3 years of experience working in the startup sector, supporting early-stage startups through their initial growth phases and refining processes during hyper-growth stages. She holds a BSc degree in International Business Administration from the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. During her studies, she completed internships at Morgan Stanley, and at the unicorns Enpal and Picnic Technologies.

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